Friday, April 07, 2006

JULY 28, 2006

Erica Kaufman co-curates the belladonna* reading series/small press and is the author of the chapbooks: from the two coat syndrome, the kickboxer suite, and a familiar album (winner of the 2003 New School Chapbook Contest). Her poems have appeared in or are forthcoming in Puppy Flowers, Bombay Gin, The Mississippi Review, Jubilat, Good Foot, CARVE, and elsewhere.

Geof Huth is a writer of textual and visual poetry. He writes frequently about visual poetry, especially on his weblog, dbqp: visualizing poetics . His chapbooks include Analphabet, The Dreams of the Fishwife, ghostlight, Peristyle, To a Small Stream of Water (or Ditch) , and wreadings. Huth recently edited &2: an/thology of pwoermds, the first-ever anthology of one-word poems. His most recent book was a box of pages entitled water vapour. Next up is the chapbook Out of Water from Paper Kite Press.

Nico Vassilakis lives in Seattle where he is a member of SubText. A father of one Radio. And working on a play about Morton Feldman to be presented in August. Recent chapbooks include Askew (bcc press), The Amputation of L Mendax (Writers Forum), & SPIECES PIECES (gong press). His concrete/visual poetry can be found electronically sprinkled on internet.

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